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    Be a part of the Elite Gamer team!

    We have been making a decision on streamers joining our stream teams on a case by case basis, but since our respective stream teams have started growing along with their popularity, we decided it would make sense to start setting some requirements to meet before being eligible to join our Twitch or Beam stream teams going forward.

    What Does It Take To Join Team Elite?

    The most important thing that we look for in Elite Gamer  applicants is that they have a positive attitude! We want to hear from people that enjoy broadcasting and use their stream to promote a loving community. We look for streamers that devote time to their stream with a consistent and frequent streaming schedule. On top of being positive, entertaining, and consistent we look for streamers that put serious effort into their stream. This means that the stream has a professional look and feel without compromising entertainment.

    What is Elite Gamer?

    Elite Gamer is an Irish-based website full of people who are passionate about gaming. We work to bring you everything there is to know about the games industry, from previews and reviews to breaking news. We also travel to international events like E3 and Gamescom to bring you the very latest on all that is gaming.

    If you’re streaming from a console, you must be able to use a capture card through OBS.

    • In order to ensure quality and consistency on the channel, we require all streamers to use OBS. We’ll provide an overlay package to use, with prebuilt scenes, where you can add your own logo.
    • You must have a fast, reliable internet connection. To ensure we maintain our usual quality settings, we request that you have at least 5Mbps upload speeds.
    • While not required, we strongly advise the use of a face cam. This adds a connection to the viewer, promoting engagement with the stream.
    • You must have a proven, consistent schedule on your chosen platform. We do not require a large amount of followers, but you must prove that you can consistently stream on a schedule. If you have not already, please enable VODs so we can review previous streams.

    If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


      Feel like you’re a dedicated individual or a team that has what it takes to make it big on twitch, but need an organisation to help you get there? If you said yes, please feel out the form below:

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      By submitting this form you consent to that if chosen you will be under a 30 day probation period with GosuCrew in where you are not allowed to play for any other team or speak with potential sponsors without the strict consent from GosuCrew. This does not mean you will be under full contract. This is an evaluation period of your dedication, teamwork, skill and overall potential to help make GosuCrew one of the best eSports organizations in the world.