Ryan Reynolds is DEADPOOL, aka Wade Wilson, aka the Merc with the Mouth.

Following the shaky, low-quality recording of the Deadpool Official Red Band Trailer that premiered at San Diego Comic Con last month, fans of Marvel’s Merc with a Mouth have been eagerly awaiting the official version. Bootlegs are good and all, but nothing compares to the real, 1080p thing. If you, like many, have been waiting for the bona fide edition, wait no longer. 20th Century Fox have seen fit to grace us with a red-band trailer, and a green, for those without mommy’s permission.

There was even a trailer, with ol’ tall red and ugly breaking the fourth wall as he does. The trailer (the real one) gives us a glimpse of some of the characters Wade will be sharing the screen with. We get a peek at Ajax, the villain who is another super-merc, Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a mutant with telepathic powers and an attitude, and Colossus, the steel-skinned X-Man, apparently, for some reason. See both the red and green band trailers below!

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