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    Rumours Point To Sony Planning PS5 Event For June 3rd

    E3 is cancelled and we're stuck in our homes, but June is still out there refusing to relinquish its title as the...

    Roccat Kain 120 AIMO Gaming Mouse review

    ROCCAT is a German company that produces high-end gaming peripherals. Their products tend to be highly innovative such as the Sova LapBoard...

    Qpad MK-95 is the First keyboard with switchable switches!

    When choosing a keyboard, most gamers have a favourite switch type that give them an edge in their games. These are typically...

    Hands-on with ROCCATs new peripherals at Gamescom 2019, the Kain, Vulcan...

    ROCCAT had a lot of peripherals from the AIMO series to show off at Gamescom this year. There is the brand new...

    HP Omen ‘Sequencer’ keyboard review – Tripping the Light Above-Average

    An attractive and well-built keyboard that flirts with perfection but gets wooed by weird design choices instead. The software suite is basic and unintuitive but functional. Its MRRP of around €180 will raise a few eyebrows but HP Omen Sequencer offers close to the premium experience you expect at that price.

    Sony Xperia 10 review – A Widescreen View of Things to...

    Sony's marketers certainly haven't been stretching the truth - the 21:9 aspect ratio is definitely the standout feature of Xperia 10. Whether or not an individual user will avail of it often enough to warrant it is a different story.

    Cooler Master CM310 Gaming Mouse Review – Bling without the cha-ching

    With PC peripherals, many of us would have started from somewhere. Those with big bank accounts would have dumped lots of money...

    Mad Catz RAT 8+ review

    The RAT is back: after a rocky relaunch of it's RAT gaming mouse line followed by bankruptcy, the striking peripheral maker has...

    Amazon Echo Showcase Highlights: Some Innovation, Some Iteration

    Amazon launch new products today including their first sub-woofer and improvements to existing products - Echo Sub impressed us but 2018 Echo Show's versatility and overall usability stood out from the pack.

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080 and 2080 Ti Gaming Benchmarks Leaked

    Just before Gamescom took place, Nvidia dropped a HUGE announcement unveiling their new RTX 20-Series cards. They showed off their new Raytracing feature on several...