Watch the Nintendo Direct from 6pm here

    Due to E3, Nintendo is broadcasting a Nintendo Direct today at 6:00 PM. This can be seen live below. It is still unclear what exactly...

    E3 2021: Where and when to watch all the press conferences

    E3 2021 is about to kick off! This year there are again plenty of presentations and press conferences. Because there are quite a lot...

    Qpad MK-95 is the First keyboard with switchable switches!

    When choosing a keyboard, most gamers have a favourite switch type that give them an edge in their games. These are typically clicky, tactile...

    Borderlands 3 – Hands On with the new Proving Grounds Game-Mode...

    Borderlands 3 has had a pretty rocky start after Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford announced on Twitter that the game would be exclusive to the...

    Cast your vote for “Best Content Creator @ Gamescom 2019” now!

    This year we are giving away an award to the Best Content Creator at Gamescom. These are creators from Twitch, Mixer and YouTube. Choose...

    Huawei Launch P30 Series – Official Specs, Exclusive Images

    Fresh from a bunch of Phone of the Year Awards and a controversy or two, Huawei launch the follow-up to DxOMark champ, the P20. P30 Series aims for camera excellence again with new features and some buffs to established ones.

    MWC 2019: Smartphone Form-Factor Innovation is a Big Deal

    Whether you feel like folding phones or pop-up selfie cams are for you or not, the sea-change in the basic shape and I/O of our devices is a good thing for all concerned.

    Huawei Reveal ‘Mate X’: Targets ‘Galaxy Fold Issues’ (Official Specs Here)

    Huawei set their sights on Samsung's just announced Galaxy Fold - Huawei's Mate X looks a better but more expensive product.

    ‘Samsung Unpacked’ and Unfolded a Few Surprises – Four Galaxy...

    Samsung Unpacked delivered the expected and rumoured but also a little surprise or two. (Official Fold specs inside)