Sony @ E3 2018 – The Last of Us Part II,...

    E3 2018 started last Saturday and that means a lot of new announcements. It was Sonys turn to take the stage last night and...

    Microsoft @ E3 2018 – A Happy Few Surprises

    With a lot at stake, Microsoft delivered a decent E3 with a few surprises for gamers to get excited over...

    Sony @ E3 2018 – For the Players… Again!

    What are you looking forward to seeing? Do you think that Sony coming out and confirming their show would focus these 4 exclusives is to dampen expectations or will they have a big surprise in store?

    ESL One Final – Reggie Rounds Up an ‘Intense’ Day

    VP have truly been like a dog with a bone during this tournament, it is actually unbelieve watching the teams synergy and frontal assault flow flawlessly.

    Reggie’s ESL One Guided Tour

    Join's own Reggie on an ESL One guided tour from Birmingham (the original one, not the one in Alabama)

    ESL One – Reggie Rounds up the Semi-Finals

    Although we haven't seen a positive result in regards to the people's underdog paiN Gaming, they brought their 'A' game and competed in the UKs first DOTA 2 finals

    ESL One – Reggie Rounds Up the Quarter-Finals

    ESL One quarter-finals took place today and we saw some spectacular play and some big results. Remember readers, yours truly will be on the scene tweeting live from the event - semi-finals take place tomorrow. Join Elite Gamer's Reggie from 2PM BST.

    ESL ONE 2018 BIRMINGHAM: What Reggie Knows

    Greetings e-sports fans! This weekend sees a giant leap forward for the ever-expanding e-sports industry. Birmingham arena will be this years home for the...

    Gamerfest Going Dutch With Trust Gaming Partnership

    Gamerfest Ireland and Trust Gaming have announced a new multi-event partnership which will include the upcoming Gamerfest in Galway and Limerick this June. This new...

    ‘Red Bull Player One’ Looking for Ireland’s Best LoL Solo Player

    Catch the national finals 5th May at Sugar Club, Dublin...