Dublin graffiti artist creates incredible tribute to World of Warcraft in...

    Warcraft: The Beginning is ramping up to be one of the greatest video game adaptations in history, and Dublin graffiti artist “Solus” is one...

    Ghost in the Shell (1995)

    We take a look back at the cult anime classic of the 90s, what made it so special and why the recent whitewashing nontroversy just doesn't get it at all.

    Rogue One: A Star Wars Story First Trailer Released

    The first trailer for the new Star Wars movie Rogue One reveals new look stormtroopers and details about the lead character played by Felicity Jones.

    Final Fantasy XV Finally Gets a Release Date (and That’s Not...

    I’ve been waiting for Final Fantasy XV since it’s announce back in 2006. Square Enix has finally given us a release date. 30th September.

    Folk Horror Video Games

    Almost as intangible as it is resonant, there's a sub-genre of horror once more being unearthed out of the psycho-soil of the collective unconscious; folk horror. It's particular flavour is one of isolated backwaters, strange townspeople and even stranger traditions. And it's all over horror video games.

    5 Worst Movie Tie-In Video Games

    A look at some of the very worst movie tie-in video games ever made.

    The Crazy World of Dr. Kleiner

    Dr. Kleiner from Half-Life is not the man you know. With real life ties to conspiracies, UFOs, psychic energy, bigfoot, vanished punk rockers, crazy cults and Lovecraftian entities, following his backstory is like riding a roller-coaster made of hypercubes. No, really, I'm not joking in the least. He led pedestrians into San Francisco water works, and I'm about to lead you into the most bizarre corners of reality you'll see all month...

    The Phenomenon of Five Nights At Freddy’s

    Five Nights At Freddy's: How Scott Cawthon created one of the most interesting phenomenons in gaming over the last year.

    Star Wars: The Fun Awakens

    With the release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens finally upon us, has J.J. Abrams finally made it fun again?

    Watch John Williams Conduct ‘Star Wars 7’ Opening Scene Music

    A new video from CBS' ‘60 Minutes’ shows composer John Williams conducting the ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ opening scene score.