Gamescom 2017: Bionik Gaming

    If you have been keeping up with our latest updates you will no doubt be aware that this year Gamescom offered a lot! We...

    Get ready for another Elite Gamer and 8-Bit 12 Hour Charity...

    Last week we took part in a 24-hour charity Livestream with 8-Bit Gaming and a bunch of other big names and managed raise over...

    Sony @ E3 2018 – For the Players… Again!

    What are you looking forward to seeing? Do you think that Sony coming out and confirming their show would focus these 4 exclusives is to dampen expectations or will they have a big surprise in store?

    CES 2018: Razer Nommo and Nommo Pro Announced – A Sound...

    Project Linda is naturally nabbing all the headlines with her cheeky realisation of Microsoft's grand Windows Phone/PC integration. However, like a Siren calling ships to rock-related impending doom I am drawn to the sweet sounds of Razer's newly announced PC speakers...

    Here’s who completed Destiny 2’s first ever raid “Leviathan”, first.

    Congratulations! Destiny 2’s first raid, Leviathan, was beaten in a matter of hours after its release by a clan on PlayStation. Reported by Bungie via...

    Reggie’s ESL One Guided Tour

    Join's own Reggie on an ESL One guided tour from Birmingham (the original one, not the one in Alabama)

    Gamescom 2017: Snakebyte

    When it comes to gear for your PC, it's easy to fall into the general misconception that the more expensive something is, the better...

    Gamescom 2018: Dying Light: Bad Blood Preview

    At Gamescom, I had the great opportunity to play Techland's newest expansion for Dying Light. Dying Light: Bad Blood is a battle royale mode...

    “Big Game Announcements” are Coming at Paris Games Week

    With Paris Games Week less than a month away, Sony has teased us with a little tweet on their official Twitter page. The tweet...

    Huawei Launch P30 Series – Official Specs, Exclusive Images

    Fresh from a bunch of Phone of the Year Awards and a controversy or two, Huawei launch the follow-up to DxOMark champ, the P20. P30 Series aims for camera excellence again with new features and some buffs to established ones.