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    Thrustmaster Confirm Specs and Price for Two Far Cry 5 Themed...

    With the release of Far Cry 5 merely weeks away, Thrustmaster has teamed up with Far Cry to launch officially licenced companion hardware with...

    Sony Xperia XA2 review – competitive all-round mid-ranger*

    For everyday tasks, looking good and shooting quality daylight shots, the Xperia XA2 will do nicely. But other handsets in the same price-bracket have more going for them.

    Sony Xperia L2 review: An Elephant Never Forgets

    Plenty of RAM, some great features and a generous battery make the Xperia a decent option for its price. But the device's camera, overall look and screen let it down.

    Urbanista New York ‘Dark Clown’ Review – Audio/Visual Excellence

    The Urbanista New York are a great choice if you're looking for a great pair of minimalist headphones with ANC for a fair price. While Urbanista may not be as well known as the Sony, Denon or JBL models, New York hold their own in terms of features and audio quality.

    Evil Controllers PS4 ‘Evil Shift’ review – Accidents Waiting to Happen

    Thankfully, Sony are no longer playing hardball when it comes to allowing third-party companies to develop peripherals for their systems. Now, Evil have given us this flawed gem.

    Edifier Luna Eclipse e25 HD Review

    The Luna Eclipse e25 HD from Edifier has a very striking and modern look which is probably the first thing you notice. The speakers...

    How Can PSVR Avoid Becoming Smartphones’ Next Victim?

    The PS Vita has been flatlining for a while now. Nintendo have yet to announce a 3DS follow-up, seemingly content to sweep up with the hybrid Switch. Smartphones killed a once-proud handheld market and they are likely to kill again.

    Thrustmaster and Sparco Unveil Latest Racing Peripheral

    Thrustmaster has revealed their latest racing peripheral the ‘TSS Handbrake Sparco Mod’ which features 2 different driving modes. This new piece of hardware is...

    HP Omen X 17 review: A Literal Gaming Heavyweight

    The sheer gaming possibilities alone warrant a glance from portable gaming aficionados but the over-sized and over-weight design will give pause to those without sturdy laps or a place to sit their Omen X 17

    Nvidia Warns Retailers of Selling GPUs to Non-Gamers

    Nvidia is going to war against cryptocurrency miners by telling retailers not to sell to non-gaming customers. Apparently, high-end GPUs like a 1070 or 1080...