fifa 18 review

Nintendo has revealed that the upcoming Switch version of FIFA 18 will have two different resolutions depending on if it’s docked or being played in handheld mode.

When The Switch is Docked, FIFA 18 will run at native 1080p and while it’s being played handheld the resolution will drop to 720p.

What we already know about the Switch version of FIFA is that it won’t use the Frostbite engine that the PS4/Xbox One use and instead EA has confirmed that a custom engine has been designed specifically for the Switch. It’s also been confirmed that the “Journey Mode” will not be included in FIFA 18 on The Switch. Ultimate team is the other mode that will not be included in The Switch version.

When asked by Eurogamer why it wasn’t included, FIFA 18 producer, Andrei Lazarescu said “If you look at the history of Ultimate Team on the likes of Sony or Microsoft—I think it’s a seven year history if I recall correctly,” said Lazarescu, “If you throw everything from the get go to a completely new player base, you might not get the desired result.”

What is surprising is that FIFA 18 will run at 60fps even if it’s being played in handheld mode. For a console that’s incredibly underpowered for this day and age, I think EA deserves credit for managing to hit that target.

Speaking at Gamescom 2017, supervising producer Andrei Lazarescu said:

“We spent a lot of time actually understanding what the console is. In dock, what we’re seeing right now, for example, is 1080p run running at 60 frames per second. When you plug out and you play in handheld it’s 720p. We spent a lot of time making sure that transition happens seamlessly and you still get 60 frames per second.”

Don’t forget to check out Elitegamers hands-on impression of FIFA 18 as well as our preview. You can just click here to head to the preview.

FIFA 18 will be released on PS3/PS4, Xbox One/Xbox 360, PC and The Switch on September 29th. I for one can’t wait for EA to finally abandon the last-gen consoles. Just think of all that time they ‘re wasting developing for a system that’s far past its best instead of making the current-gen versions all they could be.

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