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    FIFA 19 In-Depth review – Tactically Outfoxed but Improving

    The new Kick-Off mode, FUT rivals and three-strand Journey are inviting ways to package FIFA's arcade brand of soccer. However, the engine itself is becoming a little long in the tooth - even with a looser brand of football and a useful tactical upgrade.

    FIFA’s Matt Prior on Loot Box Controversy: “Tarred with the One...

    FIFA's Matt Prior: "There is a blanket approach to how people react to MTX (microtransactions) even though they are all very different and FUT ends up in the same breath as those which are blatantly pay-to-win. We end up being tarred with the same brush when you are talking across the whole board."

    FIFA 19 preview – Far from Finished but Massively Different

    0 played FIFA 19's preview build and were impressed. While the demo had many issues and could be a scrappy experience, it has potential. FIFA 19 seems to place more control in a player's hands with greater room for error as well as excellence.
    2018 World Cup

    FIFA 18: 2018 World Cup DLC review – Missing a Sitter

    2018 World Cup is free to download but that isn't much of an excuse for a fairly lazy add-on

    EA Sports UFC 3 review – Third Time Lucky-ish

    A solid striker with some depth and versatility, UFC 3 is easily the best game in the series but the ground-game is still messy

    Nobody Took the Torch from EA in Developing Decent Rugby Games

    It's obvious that the last decade of rugby games were rushed, low-budget affairs. Such fan-exploitative tactics do nothing to help the sport itself nor their respective games' chances of becoming an annual/biennal hit.

    Media & Athletes to have their say in EA Sports FIFA...

    The best footballers in FIFA will be voted into the FUT team of the year and for the first time ever, they will be...

    FIFA 18 on Switch Runs at 60fps, Different Resolutions for Docked...

    Nintendo has revealed that the upcoming Switch version of FIFA 18 will have two different resolutions depending on if it's docked or being played...