This is the area with the first landing zone. There are three lost sectors here:

1. Terminus East – The first lost sector is in the orange building next to a buried truck, in the east of the area. Crawl under the metal gate and follow the tunnels to the railway station.

2. Atrium – This sector is on the ground floor of the church where you find Devrim Kay. There’s a trapdoor near the mark – jump down and follow the tunnels.

3. Widow’s Walk – In the store with the blue sign. Enter, go through the door next to the red, glowing Amsel poster and follow the path to the basement.


There are three of them in this zone. Their entrances are scattered throughout the northern part of the zone. Since this area doesn’t have a landing zone, you can reach it from any of the three nearby sectors.

  1. Scavenger’s Den – When you find the mark, you’ll see a sewage tunnel next to it. Follow the tunnel until you get to the cave. The cave leads into an underground facility, which is where the lost sector is.
  2. The Drain – This one is in a bunker under the square with the fountain. You need to go down to the lower level to find the lost sector.
  3. Whispered Falls – The last one can be a bit tricky. When you find the mark, go behind it. There’s a narrow cave entrance in the cliff there.

Winding Cove

The single one is found in central Winding Cove, close to the landing zone.

  1. The Weep – Find the island in the lake, where you can start the patrol. There’s a hole in the middle of the island, between the rocks.

Firebase Hades

In this westernmost EDZ area, the two of the hidden lost sectors are found in its eastern part, while a single one is in the west.

  1. Pathfinder’s Crash – You’ll see the mark next to the road, and the cave entrance behind it.
  2. Excavation Site XII – The mark is up on the hill, so you might miss it easily. The entrance is right next to it.
  3. The Pit – Go around the crater clockwise, and when you get to the base entrance in the west, you should see a small tunnel leading underground. Follow it below the base, and you’ll find your lost sector.

The Gulch

You’ll get here if you head west from the Sludge. There is a single Lost Sector here, hidden in its southern part.

  1. Flooded Chasm – When you reach the mark, look to your left. You’ll see a cave entrance across the pond. Go inside and follow the path.

The Sludge

They are scattered around the area’s east, central and northwestern parts.

  1. Hallowed Grove – The cave entrance is behind the giant boulder by the road.
  2. Cavern of Souls – Go into the room below the mark, through the container and down into the cave.
  3. Shaft 13 – Go into the tunnel, jump onto the containers and go under the Zwerk Trostland sign. Jump up through the collapsed ceiling and follow the corridor.

Sunken Isles

There are two of them in this zone, found in its western and eastern side. The Sunken Isles are located in the far northwest of the European Dead Zone map.

  1. Skydock IV – Go to the left thruster of the giant spaceship (the one on the south side). Enter the tunnel that goes under the ship, and turn left while inside. Jump down into the hole, and follow the corridors until you’re there.
  2. The Quarry – There’s a cave entrance under the mark. Simply go inside and you’ll reach your goal.

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One of them is at Siren’s Watch, while the other two are at The Rig. Here’s how to find all of them:

1. Methane Flush – It’s near the landing zone at Siren’s Watch. Look for the mark on the lowest level of the platform. When you’ve found it, stand in front of it, then head around the corner to your right. Follow the walkway to the door, then go inside and descend.

2. Cargo Bay 3 – In the north part of The Rig, under Bay 3. Go to the railing on the north side, jump over it and land on the walkway below. Look for the mark on the wall – it’s near the hole in the walkway. Enter the room next to it and follow the path to the sector.

3. DS Quarters-2 – Near the container platform at The Rig. Head towards Bay 3, then jump down to the right once you’re past the steps. Walk through the door leading into the bay, then turn right. You’ll see the mark on the wall. Simply follow the corridors.

The chests inside will give you decent gear only the first time you visit them, but they’ll keep producing tokens as long as you have the patience to farm them. You can then give those tokens to Sloan in exchange for engrams.
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Tangled Shore

Jetsam of Saturn

  1. Shipyard AWO-43

Thieves’ Landing

  1. The Empty Tank
  2. Kingship Dock

Four-Horn Gulch

  1. Trapper’s Cave

Sorik’s Cut

  1. Wolfship Turbine

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Dreaming City

Divalian Mists

Bay of Drowned Wishes

The Strand

Aphelion’s Rest


Chamber of Starlight
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