The noblechairs brand has finally released a new gaming chair. The new HERO series chair will join the previous EPIC and ICON Series. noblechairs have a history of sleek and minimalist design that is utterly unique to any other brands on the market. While most gaming chair manufacturers mimic the look of sportscar bucket seats, noblechairs take it one step further and delivers a superior style similar to what you would expect to see behind the wheel of a Porche.

The new HERO series seems to be a blend of the two previous styles noblechairs has brought out. It has the solid back of the ICON series with the wings of the EPIC series. The third style adds a new pillar to their portfolio and is sure to entice a new audience. I personally prefer the ICONs flat back over the EPIC. I feel like the plastic support in the holes tarnishes the overall aesthetic. However, I also like to change my sitting position regularly so the wings give me a lot of extra ways to lean into the chair. The result is a superior model that ticks all the boxes for a perfect gaming chair.

The chair is purposefully larger than the two previous models and was designed with larger bodies in mind. Both the seat base and the back have a larger coverage area than the ICON or EPIC chairs. That doesn’t mean that gamers with a smaller build are shortchanged. I’m about 5″8 and fairly slim yet I didn’t feel undersized in the chair at all. The chair is fully adjustable for any size. Most of the adjustments will be to the armrests but you can also change the weight dispersion, headrest position and, new to the HERO series, lumbar support.

As I mentioned before, noblechairs design their chairs to match the style of high-end sports cars. This is evident in the luxurious stitching used in the chair. The version we received is Black polyurethane leather with red stitching. The other version includes blue, gold, white and black stitching. The accompanied pillows also have the noblechairs logo embossed in the colour of choice.

The chair comes with two pillows, one that sits over the headrest and a second that sits at the lower back position. The first pillow fits over the headrest by way of an elastic strap. It has a bow tie shape and fits nicely behind one’s neck. The foam is fairly soft but can support ones head nicely. Depending on the hight of whoever is sitting in the chair, the pillow can be somewhat manoeuvred into the correct position.

The second pillow, for added lumbar support, is much more firm than the headrest. This one gave me some issues as there is no way to attach it to the chair at all. Usually this pillow will contain straps so that it can be adjusted vertically, however, with this chair there are none. Where this can become an annoyance to people is when you stand up and the pillow falls forward, meaning you need to reposition it each time you sit down.

I was somewhat disappointed in the wheels that came with the chair. Typically, the casters that come with gaming chairs have a diameter of 60mm. The ones that come with the Hero chair is only 50mm. Considering that this chair quite large, it’s strange that the manufacturer opted for a smaller wheel size. The smaller size also means there are fewer branches giving less support for heavier weights. All this aside, I personally didn’t notice a difference between the movement on these wheels and that of a chair with 60mm wheels.

The underside of the chair is quite well designed. All the screw holes for the mount and the armrests were easily identifiable. One of the armrests was already attached, but it was necessary to screw the second together. This is due to the chairs increased size and keeping the chair packed as neatly as possible.

The armrests are secured via three heavy duty screws that can be initially screwed in by hand. The screws come with grooved edges to make screwing them in by hand easier. They will need to be tightened with the provided allen key of course, but doing it by hand first speeds up this process.

The holes in the armrests are oblong shaped, allowing for about an inch and a half of adjustment room depending on how close together you want the armrests to sit. The base has a metal rod that runs around the perimeter of the chair. The PU leather is attached to this with metal O rings, giving the cover good tension.

The tilting mechanism is secured to a heavy duty frame using the same screws as the armrest. This is probably the heaviest part of the chair and the one that will wear out the fastest. The quality seems to be quite high and it is mostly steel components so it will probably last for a while.

Total height (with base) in cm/IN: 137 53,94
Height adjustability in cm/IN: 8 3,15
Width backrest (shoulder level) in cm/IN: 57 22,44
Width backrest (pelvis level) in cm/IN: 56 22,05
Width backrest (point of contact) in cm/IN: 32,5 12,80
Length backrest in cm/IN: 89 35,04
Backrest adjustability (static): 45° (9°-135°)
Width seating area (total) in cm/ IN: 52 20,47
Width seating area (point of contact) in cm/IN: 35 13,78
Depth seating area (total) in cm/ IN: 55 21,65
Depth seating area (point of contact) in cm/IN: 50 19,69
Width armrest in cm/IN: 10,5 4,13
Depth armrest in cm/IN: 27 4,13
Armrests adjustable: 4D (up and down, forward and back, turn sideways, in and out)
Rocking mechanism: max. 11°
Maximum weight (user) in kg/lbs: 150 330,69


The German brand definitely doesn’t skimp on the choice of materials and finish. The leatherette used on the chairs of the brand is of excellent quality and with a thickness of 1.5 mm, it easily holds together without showing any sign of tearing.

noblechairs plays on the different aspects of this artificial leather juxtaposing classic leather (imitation cowhide full grain leather) alongside sleek leather or micro-perforated leather. The latter, placed at the contact surfaces with the back and thighs, allows for more airflow which is especially handy for lengthy gaming sessions.

As mentioned earlier in this review, the foam used for this chair is quite firm. If you want a soft spongy chair that you “sink into”then this might not be what you are looking for. Just like it’s prior other two ranges (Epic and Icon), the brand offers a firm chair that won’t lose its shape over time. The style seems to be a combination of both the Epic and the Icon series, however, the Hero is not just a simple mashup.

The new chair brings many new innovative features not seen in the previous ranges. The lumbar support is the one that I am most intrigued by, it means that the chair can be adjusted for nearly every gamers preferred comfort. I personally like that the plastic holes from the Epic series don’t make an appearance as I feel it ruins the “classy and elegant” feel of these chairs and somewhat cheapens the style.

The other point on which stands the noblechairs Hero is the fact it offers a less enveloping chair, giving us a little more freedom without being wedged between the different lateral reinforcements. While a snug fit suits many gamers, the design doesn’t cater for the wider market. The wider seat means that even more gamers will be able to take advantage of the chair.

The one thing I was pretty disappointed with was the pillows. I would have preferred if they were covered in the same PU leather as the rest of the chair. The soft felt covering feels cheap and it looks as if it would get dirty quite easily. I also didn’t like that the lower pillow had nothing to attach it to the chair. Having to constantly readjust it anytime I moved got tiring quickly.

The new HERO series from noblechairs is the absolute benchmark of luxury. The sleek and minimalist design catches the eye immediately and the quality matches that first impression. The max weight is 150kg so this seat is able to support the weight of pretty much anyone. The chair also has 4D armrests with a firm but soft feel for increased comfort while gaming.

The covering is good quality and will last for a good length. The wider shape welcomes many more gamers to the noblechair family. The firm filling will ensure great comfort while gaming, regardless if it’s only for an hour or for an extended time.  If you need a new gaming chair and you want the best, then I can’t recommend noblechairs Hero series more.

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