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    [UPDATED]Pay-to-Win: UK website hiring Call of Duty, FIFA coaches

    Bidvine are known for hooking professionals of many variety up with n00bs, helping to improve kill/death ratios and actions-per-minute in business, art and music. Now they are doing the same for games...

    Call of Duty: WWII review – War is no picnic. Although...

    It was a pleasant surprise to find that Call of Duty:WWII was more or less worth the wait. After a ‘mixed reception’ to their space-bound offerings, Sledgehammer haven’t quite nailed it but it is good.

    Watch: Call of Duty WWII – Meet the Squad

    0 "You can always count on him when things get grim. Meet Private Robert Zussman, Red's best friend in the squad." "From rural farm life to...

    Watch: Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies Reveal Trailer

    Sledgehammer Games have shared their vision for Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies mode at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. They will deliver a...