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    Nokia 3.1 review – Everything But The Power

    While there is nothing wrong with giving budget users a premium look and feel über alles, a little more under hood might be preferred sometimes. Nokia 3.1 can need more attention than other budget phones to really get the best from it.

    Nokia 6 (2018) review – Incredible Style With Some Substance

    At €249/£219, Nokia 6.1 occupies the lower end of the 'mid-range' but offers a good feature set in a physically attractive handset. The copper detailing and simple design are eye-catching and elegant in a way that no other handsets in this bracket can match.

    Nokia 7 plus review – Affordable. Attractive. A Comeback?

    After almost a decade wandering around the wilderness of other OSes, Nokia come back with a thud.

    Nokia 6.1, 7 plus & 8110 ‘Banana Phone’ Hands-On and Release...

    Nokia impress with their upcoming offerings. The 8110 is solid and snappy. Nokia 6 and 7plus carry a unique and attractive physical design that should help them stand out. At €249 and €399 respectively, they are a pair to be reckoned with.