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    Pode review – An Average Indie Puzzler with Notions

    Perhaps Pode will be up someone’s alley, but there are more interesting puzzle adventures out there.

    Sally’s Law review – Rolling in the Deep

    Sally’s Law has hit me deep in the feels. Although quite easy at times. I think an over complicated challenge would ruin the feel of this nicely paced puzzle platformer.

    Rise and Shine review

    For a game that costs 15 Euro, there is justnot enough game here to justify it and, although what little is there is fun and challenging...

    de Blob 2 Remastered review – Colourful but Plodding

    There is definitely a market for the easy platforming and mild puzzling of de Blob 2. But many gamers will not appreciate the grind, the camera deficiencies and time-limits that aim to make the game more difficult.

    Knack 2 – For some reason Sony made Knack 2

    Knack 2 - For some reason Sony made Knack 2 PS4 review code provided by publisher This writer bought the first Knack not too long after...