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    Reggie’s Love Affair with: The Elder Scrolls Series

    This games writer has loved the Elder Scrolls series since it washed up on console over 15 years ago. Follow's own Reggie around Tamriel for a nostalgasm...

    How Can PSVR Avoid Becoming Smartphones’ Next Victim?

    The PS Vita has been flatlining for a while now. Nintendo have yet to announce a 3DS follow-up, seemingly content to sweep up with the hybrid Switch. Smartphones killed a once-proud handheld market and they are likely to kill again.

    Wolfenstein II And The Evil Within 2 Confirmed To Be 4K...

    Ever since Microsoft announced that they were creating a 4k capable console, gamers have been wondering if that means every game will achieve that...

    Sony E3 2017- What was that?!

    Sony E3 - Mixed Reactions Sony's press conference garnered some mixed reactions last night. Between Final Fantasy Fishing and the QTE-laden Marvel Spiderman trailer, you could be forgiven for mistaking...