Developer Pinokl Games and publisher tinyBuild Games released new details about the Rooftop Party level in Party Hard.


A rooftop party! Opens up opportunities for some high-rise accidents

This level will be in the final game, and gives the player a “static” taste of how that level might play out. Here is what’s new in terms of gameplay:

  • Full controller support (Xbox 360 wired controllers)
  • You can now drag bodies around
  • Doznes of little UI fixes
  • Completely different map with new characters
  • Much better clarity on who sees you, and why
  • Listening mechanic (shift)
  • Suspicion mechanic (ctrl)
  • More complicated AI
  • Water slide!
Party Hard Crack Den
Variation of the original party. People get high next to the fireplace, pass out. If only you could instigate that by finding a weed dealer?
Party Hard Rooftop Neon Party
Everything is better with neon

Party Hard won Indie Prize Amsterdam’s Critics Choice Award and is set to release on Steam this summer, followed by mobile releases and consoles to follow.

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