8be06b415833451025e31d9b2dcac5f654c6c9fc.jpg__800x800_q85_crop_upscaleFallout lovers prepare to be amazed. These Fallout Christmas decorations are bound to make the festive season that bit more SPECIAL. Bethesda have unveiled their latest collectible, the Vault Boy Christmas tree ornaments.

The set of four painted resin decorations are suitable for hanging from tree branches and are now available for pre-order now on the Bethesda Store.

Three of the ornaments on the S.P.E.C.I.A.L attributes pf Stength, Perception an Endurance. The fourth wears a little Santa hat, and increases your resistance to Christmas-music-induced madness by 20 percent.

The set will set you back $25 (€23.40) and will start shipping out on December 4.

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