Take your adventure to the open sea, fight or use diplomacy, and create scenarios to share with the community. Pera Games are bringing their flavourful concoction to the turn-based RPG genre with Overfall; launching today on Early Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux at €9.99!

Overfall begins as you emerge from a dimensional expedition to a world vastly changed by time and war. Explore the archipelago world of Overfall and encounter new races, quests, and companions on your voyage to find the citadel. Choose your own path and witness the difference of your decisions through multiple playthroughs as both hostile and diplomatic choices bear fruit. New classes and traits offer expanded choices to further your narrative journey based on who is leading the way.

Through community support, Pera Games look to populate the single player journey of Overfall with user created scenarios in the Story Builder system. Test your writing skills and weave the narrative you’ve always wanted to create inside Overfall.

In collaboration with writer Chris Avellone (Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, Pillars of Eternity), Pera Games have also created a Writing Style Guide to help budding writers create their own stories in the Overfall universe.