Finding time to exercise can be difficult for some, there’s so much to do in a day and sometimes it’s simply not your priority. One of the ways that people have profited off of the sweat of gamers looking to get healthy, is by offering a game-based fitness program.

We’ve seen Wii Fit and Dance Dance Revolution get people all sweaty, but Pornhub wants to cash in on how hot and sweaty people already get by visiting their site. That’s where Pornhub’s BangFit comes in. This game-based fitness program” has been teased to get you “into incredible shape while having the time of your life.”

Basically, Bangfit is an online game that uses smartphones attached to people’s bodies while they bump uglies. There’s an online leaderboard that tallies up points and a page on how many calories per minute you can burn.

“Bangfit was designed after exhaustive research through the thousands of sexercise studies/articles, consulting with health and fitness experts and professionals (including personal trainers) and cross referencing that with anecdotal evidence on what are the most fun sex positions,” Bangfit told Mashable in an email.

The game features a single-player mode, local co-op and party mode, to help every BangFit player play the way they want.

At least Pornhub recognizes that it has been contributing to the sedentary lifestyle that has taken over the world. What I want to know is, who in their right mind will share this on social media?

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