Momento Temporis is about exploration, solving puzzles and finding answers for Hania. There are many different paths to choose from but they should all eventually lead to the same place where your search for answers will come to an end.

Key Features:
* Environmental puzzles
* Exploration and secrets
* Challenging platforming
* Full controller support

Imagine yourself waking up in a vast, strange land, having no memory of your past. This is the basic premise for Momento Temporis: Light from the Deep.

Hania wakes up all alone in a forest having no clue where she is, or even who she is. For some reason she can’t find any people around to communicate with so she starts to explore this strange new world. As she explores she finds powerups and learns about magic. Using these she fights powerful creatures and her strength grows. She finds keys to hidden doors and passages leading her even further into the land and closer to the truth about what has happened to her…