Pulse is part of the FBI SWAT faction in Rainbow Six: Siege

Following the overhaul of defenders Mute’ and Kapkan’s abilities in update 3.3, Ubisoft has turned its attention to the defender operator, Pulse, with their latest update. The update will alter how Pulse‘ heartbeat monitor gadget works, providing players with better visibility and feedback when using the gadget.

While this ability change is the most significant element of the update, there are also general tweaks and fixes for bugs and a new system for dealing with Team Killing. The update is currently live as of July 13th.

For full details of the update, please visit the Ubisoft patch notes post over on the Ubisoft forums here: http://forums.ubi.com/showthread.php/1470486-Update-3-4-Patch-Notes?s=2e7ec77ffe003ddb5e4568ad5a135fee

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