Project Valerie

Razer is known for their top of the line gaming products such as mice, keyboards and headphones. At CES this year they revealed their latest project. Project Valerie is a gaming laptop with 3 17.3 inch screens. Pretty impressive, especially since each of them proposes a definition 4K-compatible G-Sync for a complete resolution of 11520 x 2160 pixels. To make this possible the chassis is quite large and made entirely of aluminium. Obviously, the device is far from thin or light, since it reaches the 3.6cm high when folded and weighs around 5.4 kg. Hardware side we can quote a GTX 1080 for the graphics card, unfortunately, no other details have been unveiled, such as a release date or price.

While this is indeed a laptop, it would be better looked at as a portable gaming platform, you’re not going to get much battery life out of this on the go and the size of the extra screens might inconvenience the hipsters at your local Starbucks. I’m expecting a huge price tag but as this style of laptops becomes more mainstream we may see the return of LAN parties! What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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