Cooler Master has announced a new gaming headset, The MasterPulse Pro. This is the second in a new line if gaming headsets. The main difference between the MasterPulse and the MasterPulse Pro is that the Pro is a USB version of the original. It will still feature virtual 7.1 channel surround sound. There is no better way to play games unless you have an actual 7.1 surround sound system around your PC! The ear cups will have RGB LEDs and a sound card built into the headset just like the original.

The LEDs are adjustable a control box on the headset itself. This means you can change the colours and effects quite quickly on the fly. The control box also allows you to control the volume, switch the microphone on and off, turn the virtual 7.1 on and off and switch equalizer profiles. That is a decent bit of functionality on the control box!

The equalizer profiles allow you to switch between four modes. Music, movies, gaming and equalizer off. There is also a feature that allows you to remove magnetic side panels to increase the bass experience. This can be done on the fly and means that the bass is being altered the old-fashioned way and not through software.

Cooler Master also provide 3D printer files so you can print out different side panels for customisation. The on-board sound card means you can take stress off the computer and let the headset do the work instead. The headset also comes equipped with 44mm drivers.

The headset is made from a lightweight aluminium with a flexible headband and plenty of padding for added comfort. Hours of comfortable gaming! The extra padded cups block out unwanted going on in the real world around. No more distractions!

The headset is available now and is available on Amazon for around €100 when you convert from sterling to euro. For this price, you will be hard pressed to find the quality of this headset for that price. If we can get our hands on a set we will let you all know about the performance of them first hand!

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