On May 29, 2017, Sony’s Japanese website listed the remaining 500 GB standard models of the Playstation 3–the only remaining ones in production–as “ended”. After a decade of being on the market worldwide, this means that the PS3’s life is officially ending. This comes as a surprise to few, in light of how production on the X-Box 360 ceased last year.

With ports of Persona 5 and Yakuza Kiwami as what appear to be its last few major games, the PS3 still has a few games coming out for it in the upcoming months like FIFA 18, Revenant Saga, and Utawarereumono: Mask of  Deception. None of its last few upcoming releases are exclusive to the PS3.

Playstation 3 originally launched back in November 2006 in North America and Japan. It launched the following March in the rest of the world. Sony has sold over 80 million PS3 units to date whether that was the original model, the Slim or Super Slim.

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