If a report by YouTuber DEE BATCH is to be believed, Ubisoft is developing a mode for Assassins Creed Origins on Xbox One X that will allow players to play in 1080p/60fps.

Given that Microsoft has been portraying the One X as a true 4K console, it’s interesting that they are allowing Ubisoft to develop a mode that focuses more on frame rate rather than graphical fidelity. Also, the fact that Origins will be the largest Assassins Creed ever made it will still be quite an accomplishment for a console to pull off an AAA open world 1080p/60fps game.

There will also be a 4K mode of sorts on the Xbox One X. Like the PlayStation 4 Pro, the One X will be using a Checkerboard rendering technique which will allow it to get a 4K quality resolution, but not native 4K. There is no confirmation yet if the PS4 Pro will have a similar mode but given that the One X is said to be considerably more powerful the the Pro, it’s likely that it could only handle a resolution in the region of 1440p given its history with other demanding titles.

The One X is supposed to be the no compromise console but I guess this is a compromise that a lot of gamers can get behind. I think the vast majority of gamers would prefer 60fps rather than a higher resolution but locked at 30fps.

Ubisoft has completely revamped the Assassins Creed series with this latest installment. The fighting system has been completely overhauled. Instead of waiting for an enemy to launch an attack and you countering it, the fighting seems to be quite similar to that in the Dark Souls franchise which some may love and some may not.

Stay tuned for Elitegamers impressions of Assassins Creed Origins at Gamescom 2017 from our 45-minute hands-on demo.



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