Players of the PlayStation Classic have discovered that the emulator settings of the mini console can be changed. This was discovered when a USB keyboard was connected to the console.

Twitter user Nibel posted a tweet with a link to a YouTube video. In this video, extensive attention is paid to the process and which settings can be changed in the emulator. In the video, the players in question emphasize that they do not know with certainty to what extent the changes can have a negative impact on the console and that it does not work with all keyboards.

To achieve the settings, a keyboard must be connected to the PlayStation Classic via a USB cable. Then the player has to start a game and during that process click on the ‘escape’ button. From that point on, all kinds of settings can be changed in the emulator.

Settings such as frame rate can be adjusted as well as turning on and off automatic saving. You can also play around with cheats and scanning lines.

Due to this discovery, a lot of criticism has arisen on Reddit. Users report that they are not satisfied with the hardware of the PlayStation Classic. It was previously revealed that the PlayStation Classic used a PCSX ReARMed emulator, an open source (free) emulator. The benefit of the PlayStation Classic is for those who might find emulation difficult.

It is also worth mentioning that most PlayStation One games are very difficult to emulate properly. Games such as Metal Gear Solid 1 would usually crash quite frequently on most emulators, while it seems to run without issue on the PlayStation Classic. Stay tuned for our PlayStation Classic review and also an unboxing that will be streamed live to our Twitch and Mixer channels.

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