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    Forgotten Anne review – Well, Not Entirely Forgettable

    Forgotten Anne is a brilliant animé with holes in it’s plot than can be forgiven. But as a platforming puzzler with elements taken from point and click adventure, it's just not up to task

    Sony Set to Acquire Controlling Stake in Anime Network Funimation

    Sony has announced in a statement on their website that they are to purchase a controlling stake in the anime network, Funimation. Sony is currently...

    Ghost in the Shell (1995)

    We take a look back at the cult anime classic of the 90s, what made it so special and why the recent whitewashing nontroversy just doesn't get it at all.

    Final Fantasy XV Finally Gets a Release Date (and That’s Not...

    I’ve been waiting for Final Fantasy XV since it’s announce back in 2006. Square Enix has finally given us a release date. 30th September.

    The New Guy heads to MCM + Cosplay Gallery

    Cosplay Pictures and Impressions From MCM comic-con Dublin

    Berserk Comic Review

    Evan O' Grady delves into Kentaro Miura's Opus Berserk and looks at how the series has developed over its long lifespan.

    Dublin Comic Con 2015

    Dublin Comic Con 2015 Unite with fellow fans for a weekend at the Dublin Comic Con! Meet new people, shop for amazing items to complete...

    Nom-con 2015

    Nom-Con 2015 Nom-con is a non-profit Japanese animation and popular culture convention that is held annually over the course of three days. Their goal is to...