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    MGSV Mega Review – Chapter 3: The End?

    What a mess they made when it all went wrong. It's Kojima v Kozuki when you want an culprit for MGSV's botched ending, but why should you pick a side?

    MGSV Mega Review – Chapter 2: Story/Themes

    There is a heartfelt message there but it's all so fragmented that it's either phoned in, directly stated at you, or ends before it had any right to. It literally makes a "Quiet Exit" and you're left bewildered, trying to make sense of it and figure out what Kojima was trying to say.

    MGSV Mega Review – Chapter 1: The Game

    MGSV is one of the most satisfying games I’ve ever played and the buzz I shared on my first impressions review never died out. Usually in MGS I have moments were I go nuts with lethal weapons, disregarding stealth because there’s more novelty in strapping a guard with C4 and holding down the fort with a machine gun after he blows up. But this one gives you so many options for playing it sneaky that I haven’t even had time to use bullets and bombs.

    MGSV: The Phantom Pain – First Impressions

    It's insanely thrilling if you're a stealth addict, and manages (so far) to right so many wrongs of previous games.

    Review: Metal Gear Solid V : The Phantom Pain (Spoiler-Free)

    Gone are the long Codac calls, the linear gameplay and awkward controls. The Phantom Pain is the least Metal Gear Metal Gear game, but it's by far the best

    Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

    Many fans will agree that "Hideo Kojima", as flawed as he may be as a writer, is a name that will forever mark the...