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    Fallout 76 Won’t Be Another Elder Scrolls Online – Here’s Why

    Fallout 76‘s recent confirmation and burgeoning details have started a healthy debate online. There is a healthy section of Fallout fans who fear that Bethesda are about to drop another weak online version of a beloved franchise.

    Reggie’s Love Affair with: The Elder Scrolls Series

    This games writer has loved the Elder Scrolls series since it washed up on console over 15 years ago. Follow's own Reggie around Tamriel for a nostalgasm...

    Elder Scrolls Online Update 11

    Good news for fans of The Elder Scrolls Online as Bethesda announces details of it's much anticipated Update 11 which will hit on August...

    The Elder Scrolls: Legends Beta Launches Today

    Players Can Now Sign Up at for a Chance to Join the Closed PC Beta Starting Today

    Bethesda 2015 E3 Showcase

    Those who stayed up late into the night in anticipation of Bethesda's latest announcements were certainly not disappointed. The staff of Bethesda pulled off an...