Having the upper hand in any video game is an essential factor. Pc gamers are able to upgrade their systems to the max to ensure they have complete control over their gameplay; Console gamers on the other hand, are very limited in this aspect. Scuf Gaming took the world by storm when they began selling custom controllers with extra buttons on the base of the controller. For the first time players had the ability to upgrade their gaming style, as long as they were willing to pay for it.

Microsoft has followed suit, officially unveiling the new Xbox One Elite Wireless Controller at e3:

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller boasts complete customisation, from the thumb-sticks, to the d-pad, ensuring ultimate precision in your playing style. While Scuf Gaming controllers only allow you to remap the four paddles on the back, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller will let you remap everything; the paddles, buttons and the d-pad. Certain games will even let you remap the triggers/ bumpers and thumb-stick clicks.

As a dedicated gamer I recently bought the Scuf One and wrote a review on it, you can find that article here. I was amazed at the difference the two extra paddles made. I like to be at the very top of my game and the Scuf One definitely helped. I’m very excited to see the release of the new Xbox controller and can’t wait to try it out. One thing I can say for sure, this is one teched-out game controller!

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