By: Aaron Dunne

“This is my love letter to the Friday the 13th film series”

– Wes Keltner, Creator, Slasher Vol.1: Summer Camp

Summer Camp is an upcoming survival horror game that features asymmetric multiplayer based on the classic horror series Friday The 13th. The game is set in Camp Forrest Green, almost mirroring a familiar Camp Crystal Lake, where players will play as either “The Killer” or one of the 6-7 teenage camp counselors. If you are the killer you are more agile and can use the environment to your advantage to track down and kill your potential victims. If you are one of the camp counselors then the objective is to make as little noise as possible, delay the killer and survive. You can either stick together or separate which should make for some pretty interesting and tense game play. Every aspect of the game will portray the visuals of an 80’s VHS tape, like the trailer below:

The team of people working on this game is an incredibly exciting thing by itself, the developers on the team have over 50 years of industry experience alone working on a number of releases like Breach and Clear, Rainbow Six, Ratchet and Clank and Aliens: Colonial Marines. We also have legends from the film industry working on it too, with the actor/stuntman Kane Hodder who portrayed Jason Voorhees a number of times doing motion capture for the killer in the game. Composer Harry Manfredini who did the original score for Friday the 13th will be scoring the game also. We then come to Tom Savini who has been involved with a number of big horror films like Dawn of the Dead, Day of the Dead and Friday the 13th who will be the executive producer.

As the creator has said this is an homage to the series and it looks exactly that, the image on the right is concept art that mimics the iconic double murder in the second installment of the series. I hope I am not hyping this game up too much but with theme and setting, development team and concept art it’s hard not to drool over my keyboard. The game has no release date as of yet but will release on PC, Xbox One and PS4. For more information and game art visit the games website!

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