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    Dead Rising 4: Frank’s Big Package review – A Shower AND...

    Frank West is back doing what he does best; decimating zombies with a vast and eclectic arsenal of weapons while rocking a sundress and a Triceratops mask.

    Budget Halloween Horror: Narcosis Review

    Narcosis elevates itself above other walking simulators with its taut atmosphere being wonderfully sustained by its interesting mix of game-play, story and atmosphere

    Budget Halloween Horror: Syndrome review

    Syndrome is a truly dreadful game on almost every level and there is absolutely no reason to buy it. In fact, if this game is ever received as a gift, the understanding should be that whatever relationship was once there has ended forever

    The Evil Within 2 Review – the Best Horror Game You...

    In 2014 Shinji Mikami, the great man of the survival horror genre and the first Resident Evil games came back to the roots of horror...

    Resident Evil 7 Biohazard Review

    Over twenty years ago I received a PlayStation with a copy of Resident Evil 1 taped to it for Christmas. I had spent hours...

    Resident Evil 5 to launch on console in June

    Capcom has announced that the digital version of Resident Evil 5 is to launch on Xbox One and PS4 on June 28th. The physical version...

    7 Days to Die officially announced as new Telltale Games

    Telltale Publishing bringing the hit survival game '7 Days to Die' to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in June 2016

    Folk Horror Video Games

    Almost as intangible as it is resonant, there's a sub-genre of horror once more being unearthed out of the psycho-soil of the collective unconscious; folk horror. It's particular flavour is one of isolated backwaters, strange townspeople and even stranger traditions. And it's all over horror video games.

    The Suffering 1 & 2: Covered in heartfelt blood

    The Suffering and The Suffering: Ties That Bind were two lug-headed gore games at a glance. But beneath the blood pumped a socially conscious heart.

    Review: Savage Lands

    Skyrim meets The Forest in Savage Lands, a winter survival game, with dragons.