By: Aaron Dunne

The Little Acre from Irish developers Pewter Games is an upcoming escapist fantasy, point and click adventure game set in rural Ireland in the 1950’s, it is based around father Aidan and daughter Lily, who are the two main characters you play in this game. Aidan accidentally gets transported to a different world while exploring his fathers old workshop and must find his way out with the help of Lily and her canine companion Dougal, back in our world.

The game is fully voice acted by a full Irish cast including popular Irish YouTuber, Gaming Terroriser. The visuals are beautiful with so much attention to detail and is completely hand drawn with 2D animation and cut scenes. I got a chance to meet some of the team and play it briefly at Dublin Comic Con and in the short time I played it I couldn’t help but smile at the relationship between Lily and Dougal, I’m really interested to see how the story plays out because the team have done a great job and I wish that I had more time to play/admire it. It’s a cute little game that deserves your attention. Take a look at the trailer from E3 2015 below.

The game has been in development for about two years, the same time the company was formed. The dev team started with two people and since then has increased to 9. The game was greenlit last year and since then have partnered with ID@Xbox.

“We joined the ID@Xbox program early last year, but it wasn’t until around December that we signed the license agreement to confirm that The Little Acre was coming to Xbox One. Since then, the ID@Xbox team have been really great with promotional stuff. Posting our trailers on their YouTube channel, tweeting about stuff on Twitter, and best of all, inviting us to demo The Little Acre at their pre-PAX event later this month!”

– Christopher Conlan – Co-Founder, Pewter Games

The game is set for a February release on Xbox One and PC, for more information about The Little Acre and Pewter Games visit their website here.



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