AMDs newest processor the RYZEN had some information leaked by a Japanese site called PC Watch. The information was leaked from private slides which gave a lot of details on the new tech.

AMD is finally moving on from the Bulldozer architecture that it has been using in its processors since 2011. The difference in them is the bulldozer architecture used two integer engines and one floating point unit. The RYZEN will use one integer engine and one floating point unit.

Another new feature of the RYZEN is neural net prediction. What this means is it takes a pretty thought out guess of what a branch of code will do before it is run. I would take a guess that it uses some form of probability to work out the most likely sequence of events the code will do. This means the code can be executed even faster and become more efficient. However, if the guess is wrong there is a stall and this slows things down. AMDs new branch predictor is constantly fed data to try and counteract these stalls. In the long run this will increase the performance of the processor.

The new processor will change the way it handles threads. Each core will now be able to handle two threads at the same time. Usually one core can handle a single thread at a time. This is fast becoming the new way to use threads as the more threads you can process at once the faster the processor can execute tasks. It will also have on-the-fly frequency adjustments. This allows the Pure Power program to monitor the processor and see if it needs a boost in power. Or if it can drop the power and allow the processor to use less voltage and also cool down a bit.

This processor is putting AMD back in the running for high end processors to rival Intel’s I7 range. I for one cannot wait to see this released as I have always found Intel to be too expensive for me. And I am already using a AMD processor and I have never once had it fail or give me trouble.  Very reliable and for a fraction of the price. I haven’t used a program that the Processor can’t handle.

The release date is looking to be around march but as always when it has not been announced this can change so keep your eyes peeled for this one!

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