PlayStation has announced that they will be increasing the price of PS Plus subscriptions this August across Europe.

Sony sent out an email today to European subscribers informing them that the price will increase at midnight (Irish time) on the 31st of August. There will be a 25% increase across all European territories, so it isn’t exactly a small increase.

For European countries that use the Euro, a yearly subscription will rise from €49.99 to €59.99. A 3-month subscription increases from €19.99 – €24.99 with the monthly subscription increasing by €1 to €7.99.

In the UK, a 1-year subscription that used to cost £39.99 will now cost you £49.99. The 3-month subscription will rise £5 to £19.99 and from £5.99 to £6.99 for the monthly membership.

Even if you’re on the opposite side of the world, you won’t escape the price hike. Australian gamers will see their yearly membership jump from AU$69.95 to AU$79.95, their quarterly membership from AU$27.95 to AU$33.95, and monthly from AU$9.95 to AU$10.95.

The August line-up of free PS Plus games has also been announced. For PS4 owners you get Just Cause 3 and Assassins Creed Freedom Cry. PS3 owners receive Super Motherload and Snakeball, while PS Vita owners get Downwell (cross-buy with PS4) and Level 22.

However, you still have time to get the July games lineup from PS Plus. PS4 owners get Until Dawn and TellTale Games Game of Thrones Season 1. Tokyo Jungle and Darkstalkers Resurrection are available for PS3, while PS Vita owners can look forward to ELEMENT4L and Don’t Die, Mr Robot.

PlayStation 4

  • Just Cause 3
  • Assassins Creed: Freedom Cry

PlayStation 3

  • Super Motherload
  • Snakeball

PS Vita

  • Downwell (cross-buy with PS4)
  • Level 22

You can check out our review of Just Cause 3 here.

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