Earlier today, Team Reptile dropped a trailer for a sequel to their beloved baseball fighter, Lethal League, called Lethal League Blaze. Not too much is known about it right now except that it’ll be available on console and PC in early 2018, will feature new characters (such as Doombox) and modes, have higher-resolution graphics, “still maintains the extreme, responsive experience of the original Lethal League” and “none of that weak shit.” More information will be revealed in the coming months. There’s an official Team Reptile Discord advertised on their website that anyone is welcome to join if they want to be more involved and up-to-date with Lethal League Blaze news as it comes out.

The original Lethal League came out on Steam in 2014 (and on PS4 in May 2017) to an overwhelmingly positive response. It’s an incredibly stylish fighting game in which you and your opponent are playing an extreme, explosive version of catch with a baseball and use the ball to try to hurt the opponent. If I’m going to be perfectly candid, it’s not just one of my favorite indie games, but one of the most creative fighting games I’ve ever played.



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