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    John Wick Hex review: Seriously Stylish Mayhem

    Starting John Wick Hex for the first time is an interesting experience. For those of us who have seen the gritty realism of the...

    Community Inc. review – The Nadir of a Civilisation

    While Community Inc may not be a good game, T4Interactive is a company that is worth watching in the future.

    Death Road to Canada review (Switch) – I’m Not Your Buddy,...

    Approaching from the land of the PC Master Race, Death Road to Canada graces our home consoles with bountiful supplies of cute bit-style, rogue-like...

    Sally’s Law review – Rolling in the Deep

    Sally’s Law has hit me deep in the feels. Although quite easy at times. I think an over complicated challenge would ruin the feel of this nicely paced puzzle platformer.

    12 Orbits preview – Live the Trials of a Sperm

    Addictive gameplay with a variety of options at no extra cost is just what we need!

    The Thin Silence review – Rarefied Gameplay

    The Thin Silence is a game with an amazing story and atmosphere that is completely let down by almost every other aspect of the game, the gameplay itself being the biggest culprit

    Rogue Aces Review – Aces Highhh! (Yes, we do Iron Maiden...

    Rogue Aces is a great indie title to land on Switch. Although the learning curve can be a tough one; the pay off makes it all worth it.

    Rive: Ultimate Edition review: Rife with Revives

    Rive: Ultimate Edition is a prime example of how challenging, fun, immersive and content packed a twin stick shooter can be. This feels like a comprehensive AAA release rather than an indie title.

    Beholder review: Voyeuristic Soviet Fun

    The easiest and laziest way to sum up Beholder is with the following equation, Fallout Shelter x Papers Please = Beholder. There are elements...

    NORTH Review – A Haunting Experience

    The strange environments and stranger inhabitants combined with a wonderfully creepy soundtrack added up to very disquieting experience. NORTH wasn’t enjoyable, but that seems like the point; it would be unfair to judge it in those terms.