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    Rad Rodgers review – Bad Rodgers

    Rad Rodgers aims to capture the nostalgic charm of old-school action platformers. It doesn't manage any of this and instead is a bland charmless exercise in boredom and misfiring crude humour.

    Pendula Swing to Portray Everyday Prejudice and Racism in Fantasy Setting

    A Swedish Developer is taking the everyday reality of racism and prejudice that people suffer and turning it into a story-heavy puzzle adventure, Pendula...

    Street Heat First Impression – Spoiler: It wasn’t great.

    As stated, this is a first impression of Street Heat, not a final review. The game is in early access and the updates seem to be relatively frequent. There may be potential here for Street Heat to become a far more enjoyable experience

    Tartarus review: Highs Gradually Turn to Lows

    Tartarus is a game with many elements that gradually decrease in quality as the game progresses. All of these elements however, are just window-dressing for the meat of the game which is the puzzles.

    Indivisible Preview: Something To Look Forward To

    Indivisible is the new game from Skullgirls developer Lab Zero Games. Indivisible was successfully crowdfunded in 2015. They have released a preview of the game for backers to show the people who pledged money how the development is progressing

    Absolver review – Near Perfect Combat, Infuriating Lag

    Absolver Review - Near Perfect Combat, Infuriating Lag PS4/Windows PS4 review code provided by publisher Absolver is a martial-arts based action RPG set in a beautiful world...

    Phantom Trigger – Bland Name, Pretty Good Game

    Nintendo Switch/Steam Steam review code provided by publisher According to Bread Team, the developers of Phantom Trigger they have made a “Hardcore Neon Slasher”. When I...

    None of That Weak Sh!t: Lethal League Blaze Coming to PC...

    Earlier today, Team Reptile dropped a trailer for a sequel to their beloved baseball fighter, Lethal League, called Lethal League Blaze. Not too much...

    The Darkside Detective review: A Divine Comedy

    Review code (PC) provided by publisher The Darkside Detective Point and click adventures laden with pop culture references and reflexive humour are neither new nor original....

    He Beat Her is a Vague yet Deeply Disturbing Tale about...

    Zephyo's He Beat Her is a sobering reminder of how complex, tragic, and deeply disturbing domestic abuse is.  In this game, you play as...