A Swedish Developer is taking the everyday reality of racism and prejudice that people suffer and turning it into a story-heavy puzzle adventure, Pendula Swing.

Pendula Swing will be Valiant Game Studio’s first title and is slated for release sometime in 2019.

Pendula Swing is a single player 3D adventure that takes you back to a fantasy version of the American roaring 20s. Every scene in the game has been meticulously hand-painted which adds to the stunning look of the game.

You will play an old Dwarven hero coming out of a solitary retirement. On the surface, you’ll see a glamorous and spectacular. But underneath, there are complex social issues between Dwarves, Humans, Orcs and Goblins.

Just one example of a nasty underbelly between dwarves, goblins, elves and orcs.

The overall goal of Pendula Swing is to raise awareness of how everyday lives are affected by racism and prejudice. Pendula Swing offers unique gameplay features as well. These include:

  • Challenging social puzzles: You need to ask around and convince people to help you. The puzzles can be solved in different ways, making each playthrough unique.
  • Intriguing branching dialogues: NPCs will react to what you say to them, and treat you differently depending on what you say.
  • Clever investigation: Your main goal is to find an item – your legendary axe – that was stolen.
  • Immersive exploration and discovery: You look at, interact with and pick up items in a beautiful, lively open world, many of which can help you solve puzzles.

For more info on Pendula Swing, head over to the Valiant Game Studios website.

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