Destiny 2 raid opening.


Destiny 2’s first raid, Leviathan, was beaten in a matter of hours after its release by a clan on PlayStation. Reported by Bungie via twitter, clan “The Legend Himself” completed the raid before any other group claiming world first. You can see the victory for yourself below, just be aware there are spoilers.

The six “The Legend Himself” players who completed the raid are;

You can view The Legend Himself’s raid teams’ stats in further depth by clicking their names on the list above.

Andrew Hopps, an environmental artist at Bungie also posted a tweet of the team watching “The Legend Himself” be the first to complete the raid. Just like the rest of us, Bungie were eager to see who could be the first to complete what is Destiny 2’s hardest challenge to date.

Furthermore, amongst the hype of The Legend Himself’s achievement, Bungie used the opportunity to announce a new map for the crucible called “Emperor’s Respite”. Releasing it to the public immediately.

Still, despite “The Legend Himself” completing the raid, not all player teams are so fortunate. This raid is currently being called one of the hardest in the franchise’s history with a portion of Destiny 2’s community struggling to complete it.

Manyk Rider, a player I encountered on Xbox Live when attempting to complete the raid myself, spent over 22 Hours attempting the raid just to not be able to complete it getting stuck at the final boss. This really shows that at times, commitment alone just isn’t enough.

At any rate, you can watch other clips recorded by The Legend Himself’s Destiny 2 raid team via sc_Slayerage‘s Twitch here.


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