Nintendo are official supporters of Games Expo Ireland 2017 and will provide gamers with lots of fun and entertainment. They will have several Nintendo Switches at the Nintendo Zone with a large range of different games to play. Check out some of the titles below.

  • Super Mario Odyssey
  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  • ARMS
  • Pokkén Tournament DX
  • Splatoon 2

All the games are available to play solo or with a friend so don’t miss your chance to outrace the competition and Switch it up! (SORRY)


GXI were understandably delighted to announce that Big Betty will be coming to their event this November. This monster truck is the worlds first mobile e-sports platform and will be our main competition stage at GXI this year. It will be open for tours over the weekend also with opportunity for pictures, games and hype!

Top Voice Talent

Games Expo Ireland 2017 also has a roster of voice-talent to beat the best. With so much of Overwatch’s charm coming from the rich characterisation and diverse line-up, it’s no surprise that public interest in the voice actors is high.

Carolina Ravassa – ‘Sombra’ (Overwatch), Taliana (GTA V)

At GXI, the public has a chance to hear the stories behind OW fan favourites, hack’n’sneak Sombra and autism-awareness champion Symmetra.

Anjal Bhimani – ‘Symmetra’ (Overwatch), ‘Nisha’ (Fallout 4)

In a piece of symmetry that would please Symmetra herself, Anjali also shares some game time with Peter Jessop, the voice behind misunderstood hardass Paladin Danse. Jessop has also put his voice to many of your favourite misunderstood hardasses, including Albert Wesker, Miraak and a whole load more.

Peter Jessop – ‘Paladin Danse’ (Fallout 4), ‘Albert Wesker’ (Resident Evil)

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