Ireland is making a play to become the next European hub for gaming with the announcement of Dublin Games Summit which takes place this July in Dublin.

It’s being organised Aeonspark Events, a new Irish gaming events company which focuses on creating multiple B2B & B2C events which will enable Ireland to become a central hub for gaming. For more info on Aeonspark Events, head over to their website.

You may not know this but Ireland is slowly but surely becoming a major player on the gaming scene. Going back to the days of the Atari, Ireland has always been in love with gaming. We’re second only to Japan for most PlayStations per capita.

The Sponsors for Dublin Games Summit

Companies such as Havok were established here and have gone on to contribute to games such as Half-Life 2, Elder Scrolls IV, Super Smash Bros. In 2007 Havok was purchased by Intel and then sold onto Microsoft. John and Brenda Romero of Romero Games which created Classics like DOOMQuake and Wolfenstein have moved to Galway in the west of Ireland. And then there’s Brendan Greene, creator of the biggest game of 2017, Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and not forgetting Waterford native, Sean Murray, of No Man’s Sky fame. That’s not too shabby for an island of 6.5+ million people.

Dublin Games Summit will take place at the newly refurbished Alex Hotel in Dublin City Centre on the 19th of July. Speakers include Steven Collins (Co-Founder at Havok), Sam Watts (Director of Immersive Technologies at Make Real) and one of the most influential people in VR in the world, Travis George (Previous producer on League of Legends), David Yarnton (Co-Chair at Ukie), Jen Carey (Board member of IMIRT and founder of fickle games), Sophie Sampson (Director of Matheson Marcault) and many more.

Just some of the speakers that will be attending Dublin Games Summit

The summit will be held in 2 adjoining conference rooms hosting over 12 different topics from “industry professionals. Consisting of keynotes, panels, 1-1 meetups, networking lunch and evening event, on-site activations and more.”

There’s a limited number of tickets available for Dublin Games Summit, so head over to their website now to make sure you don’t miss out.




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