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    Frantics review: Almost PlayLink’s Mario Party. Almost.

    The selection of mini-games in Frantic is ample but not abundant with twelve to choose from. Each one is well-developed and suitably deep with some absolute classics in there.

    That’s You! review: Puerile, Vacant and a Lot of Fun

    For a half-hour of giggly, accusatory fun, That's You! is almost flawless. It needs a little more variety in its mini-game selection and some optimisation of its smartphone app to be a party essential.

    PlayLink: Knowledge is Power review: A Link to the Past

    The fantastic selection of questions spiced up with power plays and an emphasis on speed make Knowledge is Power an obvious party winner. KiP uses its new medium well, gently adding some new tricks to a loved formula.

    Hidden Agenda review: PlayLink’s Best and Worst, All in One Timeline

    Supermassive's expertise in narrative and player-led storytelling brings us a gripping thriller that simultaneously shows the potential and the limitations of PlayLink.