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    Review: Star Wars Battlefront

    Star Wars Battlefront is back. After a long hiatus, EA and DICE have rebooted the series with this latest entry, which is obviously too cool to have a number at the end of its name and therefore will be called Star Wars Battlefront. It’s not to be confused with Star Wars: Battlefront. But is it any good?

    MGSV Mega Review – Chapter 3: The End?

    What a mess they made when it all went wrong. It's Kojima v Kozuki when you want an culprit for MGSV's botched ending, but why should you pick a side?

    How to Use a DualShock PS4 Controller with Your Mac

    There’s never been a better time to use a gamepad with your Mac. Whether it’s one of the new games recently launched for OS X, classic...

    Possible Borderlands 3 Reveal Coming at PAX South

    During PAX South yesterday, President and CEO of Gearbox Software, Randy Pitchford, made an interesting statement regarding the release of Borderlands 3.

    Xbox Live, Playstation Network both down

    Bad news if there was an Xbox or Playstation under the tree this Christmas Day: You won’t likely get to use either console online...

    Review: Tales from the Borderlands – Episode 1- Zer0 Sum

    So I actually have very little to give out about this time. Yay for you guys and your …..eyes? So the only two little...