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    Crackdown 3 review – A Potemkin Game in a Potemkin City

    Delayed, downgraded and downright forgettable. Crackdown 3 would have been a tired game in 2015; it's a relic in 2019. The PvP game is laughably thin at present but it does show 'what might have been' with the title's long-touted destructible environments.

    Is Xbox Game Pass a Desperate but Inspired Gamble or a...

    Last Tuesday (23rd January) Phil Spencer announced that any first-party titles MS released for the foreseeable future will be available on Game Pass at launch. We ask if this is desperate gamble by the ailing giant or the first step on the road to 'Games as a Service'? Do we have anything to fear?

    Austrian Store Stops Selling Xbox One Consoles after Game Pass Announcement

    An Austrian games outlet has announced that they will stop selling Xbox consoles after Microsoft announced new additions to their Games Pass service. Why you...

    Is Xbox Game Pass Worth It? Two Months On Review

    For €9.99 a month, Microsoft wants to give YOU over 100 games with new games added every month. That rolls nicely off the tongue...