Better Hardware, Better Visuals and Faster Frame Rate

Many console gamers argue that the substance of the game trumps how it looks; that is, the story is more worthwhile than the graphics. There’s a reason that you choose a Ferrari over a Ford Focus, though, and that’s because looks and performance both matter. Having a better “motor” means your trip is going to be much more enjoyable. In a lot of ways, comparing a PC to a console is like comparing a Ferrari to a Ford Focus.

Game Mods

When a game releases on a console, you get the content that comes with that particular game, and that’s it. When that same game is on the PC, however, the community playing it continuously creates new and interesting content for others to enjoy. Even old, outdated games can be injected with new life through the installation of a new texture mod.

Universal Backward Compatibility

Upset that you can’t play your favourite Xbox 360 game on your Xbox One? With a PC, you need not fret. While hardware is constantly getting better, PCs never make it impossible to play your favourite game again. Even outdated DOS titles can be manipulated and experienced on new machines through emulators.

Unlimited Controller Options

Are you a mouse-and-keyboard person, or do you prefer a gamepad? Even those wonderful controllers that come with consoles can be connected to a PC, ensuring that whatever you prefer, it’s available.

Upgradeable Hardware

When a new console is announced, there are dozens of articles and discussions about how powerful the new hardware is. You know who never gets involved in that conversation? PC gamers. Because PC gamers know that if a part of their hardware isn’t performing up to snuff, they can simply invest some money into making it better, with no new machines to buy.

What Drives You?

Where do you stand in the PC vs. console debate and why? For an alternative viewpoint, check out Brian Rubin’s totally misguided article, “5 Reasons Console Gaming is Better Than PC Gaming.”

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