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    PlayStation launch ‘Big in Japan’ sale on PS Store

    PlayStation has launched a 'Big in Japan' Digital sale on the PS Store in Ireland and other European countries. Some of the biggest titles to...

    PS5 Announced in 2018? Don’t Be So Naïve

    We've been hearing a lot in the last few days about how the PlayStation 5 could be coming this year or next, with supposed...

    PlayStation Now Streaming Service Now Available in Ireland

    Sony Has today announced that their streaming service, PlayStation Now, is launching today in Ireland. With just one PlayStation Now subscription, PS4 & Windows PC...

    PlayStation 3 Production Ends in Japan After Ten Years

    On May 29, 2017, Sony's Japanese website listed the remaining 500 GB standard models of the Playstation 3--the only remaining ones in production--as "ended"....

    ESA companies are trying to take away your right to repair...

    The Entertainment Software Agency (ESA) is lobbying certain US states in an effort to stop legislation passing that would make it easier and cheaper...

    Playstation & Xbox Free games for October 2016

    With Halloween just around the corner, let’s take a look at what spooktacular games Sony and Microsoft have for their premium members this month.

    Life is Strange: Episode 1 Free to Download

    Anyone out there not had a chance to play Life is Strange yet? Well, have I got good news for you. From tomorrow onward...

    Luftrausers Will Not Be Patched On Consoles

    After its release in March 2014 players of Luftrausers were irked to discover a bug which made the game impossible to complete. This bug prevented...

    Why You Should Play Destiny Again

    By: Lynda McDonald In light of Bungie’s recent announcement of new DLC Rise of Iron, I am sure some players are holding off rejoining Destiny until...

    The Demise of the Hardcore Tactical Shooter

    I sat down to play my PS3 the other day as I wanted an experience that I felt was lacking from the current gen...