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When I arrived at Gamescom this year I did not expect Mad Max to be one of the best games I played. If you read my previous article on Mad Max: Fury Road, you will know I was very sceptical of it before I saw it. Needless to say, I loved it. This is very much the same thing with Mad Max. Mad Max exceeded my expectations and has marked its place as one of the best games at Gamescom this year.

On the show floor, there were two demos available. I only had time to finish the first one before I was told I was out of time. At the start of the demo, I turn up at a small camp surrounded by a couple enemies that you need to take out in order to progress. The control system is simple enough, but the graphic effects are amazing giving the hand to hand combat a street-fighting style.

Once the enemies are taken care of you head over to the Magnus Opus. This brings us to the upgrade menu where you can upgrade the car with different customizable items from wheel spikes to harpoons or simply a new paint job. I personally love the explosive harpoon!


Now that I’ve selected my upgrades it’s time to follow on with the mission to take out the convoy that has the v8 engine. As I approach the convoy I am tailed by a couple of cars. I have a few different options to take them out: I can ram into them, which is highly effective with lighter cars especially if you have the wheel spikes; I can also get up close and shoot the driver with a shotgun and my favourite options, which is what I went with is to shoot them with the harpoon, ripping away their armour.

Once those cars are taken care of I can focus on the convoy, I begin taking them out one by one. I am out of shotgun shells due to an earlier conflict so I rely on ramming the vehicles and tearing them apart with the harpoon. I take them out one by one and eventually I am left with the last truck; the one containing the engine. In order to take this one out I need to blow open the back. I am out of shotgun shells, but I do have an explosive harpoon. Once the truck is destroyed I circle around and pick up the engine, my time with Mad Max is over.

Over all, this game has far exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to play it. I am a huge fan of post-apocalyptic games such as Borderlands and Rage so this is definitely one that will bring hours of entertainment.

Mad-Max-Pre-order_RipperPre-order benefits have also been revealed. Pre-order Mad Max to receive an additional Magnum Opus car body called “The Ripper.” The Ripper packs a V8 engine, upgraded specs, and is built to survive the wastelands.

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