We all know that it is more than common to come across an illegally uploaded TV show or movie on YouTube. Sonic Boom is no exception and as you can imagine Sega is not happy.

The first season which ended last November, comprised of 52 11-minute episodes. A second season is currently in the works.

In a post to the Sega blog entitled ‘An update on Sonic Boom TV episodes & YouTube’, the company announced their plans to remove all episodes of the show from YouTube:

Hey everyone!

Soon, a small handful of you may be getting messages from us on YouTube about your ability to upload and maintain certain Sonic Boom TV show content. Don’t panic! We’re not the kind of bullies that want to have your accounts damaged or your rings stolen just because you like the Sonic series.

In the short term, we’ll be sending some letters to people who have uploaded full episodes of Sonic Boom TV Show content, so that they can remove them without needing to worry about getting a copyright strike on their account. Users who don’t remove them on their own will have them taken down.

We think the stuff you guys do is awesome, and we thank you for your understanding and continued support. It’s also important to note that this applies specifically to the Sonic Boom TV show. If you guys have any other questions, please do let us know. Thanks very much!

Pretty reasonable don’t you think?

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